Gym Membership

Membership, Hoebridge Health & Fitness, Woking, Surrey

Gym at Hoebridge Membership

The Gym at Hoebridge, warm welcome, great facilities and a timetable with a variety of classes make it a popular choice for membership no matter what your fitness level.  If you are looking at 'Making it fun to get fit' in a relaxing environment, Hoebridge Health & Fitness Club has just what you are looking for.

Annual Membership

Annual Fitness Membership, Horizones, Woking

If you're committed to your fitness schedule and want to save some cash, our annual fitness membership option is a great idea. Pay for a whole year in advance and you'll receive one month free.  

Corporate Membership

Student Membership

Student Fitness Membership, Horizones, Woking

Taking regular exercise is not just good for physical fitness - it energises the brain!  Students with a valid NUS card can enjoy a discounted monthly membership.  Enjoy full membership while improving your academic and athletic performance! 

* Valid NUS ID required

Over 60’s Membership

Golfers' Membership

Fitness membership for golfers, Horizones, Woking

The best way to improve your performance on the fairways is to improve your fitness level.  If you are a member of Hoebridge Golf Centre you can enjoy a discounted* fitness membership at Horizones and receive all the great benefits of a full fitness membership.

* Based on 12 month contract