Custom Fit

Custom Fit, Hoebridge Golf Centre, Woking, Surrey

Custom Fit

Hoebridge Golf Centre offers a unique custom fitting service allowing golfers of all abilities to enjoy golf equipment adapted to their individual needs. Our custom fitting bay produces equipment customised for shaft type, length, lie angle, loft and grips based on the recommendations of our PGA golf professionals. We can offer an unbiased opinion and can fit many brands can be fitted such as TaylorMade, Titleist, Nike, Mizuno, Ping & Cobra.


Trackman is widely recognised in the golf industry as the best fitting technology available. The accurate data supplied by trackman enables our team of professionals to recommend the right equipment to improve your game.

What does Trackman ‘track’:

  • The flight of the ball
  • How far the ball carries
  • How quickly you swing the club
  • The direction of the club path
  • The angle of the club face
  • Ball speed
  • How hard you hit the ball